Evaporative cooling is one of the oldest and simplest methods for cooling air. A well-designed industrial and commercial quality evaporative cooler can reduce the building total energy consumption by even more than what is mandated by “Title 24” of California Energy Efficiency standard. An adiabatic process, which relies on water evaporation with extremely low energy consumption to produce a high volume of cooling, is an example of this trend. The Westaire High Performance Cel-pack Evaporative Cooler is a self-contained unit incorporating Cel-dek media. These Cel-dek pads are constructed from special cellulose paper, which is impregnated with insoluble anti-rot salts and rigidifying saturates. The unique cross-fluted self-cleaning design of these pads induces a highly turbulent mix of air and water for optimum heat and moisture transfer.

The surface of the pads is designed for minimum 500 fpm face velocity. This eliminates the need for arrestor or eliminator sections. Components utilized in Westaire’s Cel-pack Evaporative coolers conform to the requirements of the standards of recognized technical and industrial organizations such as; ASME, UL and AMCA.
Westaire’s Cel-pack units comply with applicable requirements of standard Heating and Cooling equipment (UL 1995/CSA C22.2 No. 236 Second edition) and bear ETL labels.
The standard capacities range from 4,000 CFM to 42,000 CFM and special units are built up to 130,000 CFM.