We are pleased to announce the addition of a new, two stage INDIRECT/DIRECT cooling system that can be used in every climate to save energy. These systems do not increase the absolute humidity in the primary and secondary air. This process provides cooling at a fraction of energy cost of refrigerated air conditioning.
Indirect/direct Cooling Process
1. First Stage:
Outside air is drawn through the filters before passing through the inside of the dry indirect heat exchanger where sensible cooling is accomplished. The supply air is lowered in both dry and wet bulb temperatures. The efficiency of this process in Westernaire’s® indirect heat exchangers approaches 70%.
2. Second Stage:
The water that is chilled in first stage operation passes through the wet side of a coil (secondary heat exchanger). The sensible heat is further removed from the primary air. This heat is absorbed by the water pumped back to the wet side of the first stage and dissipates in the washer section. The water temperature in the first stage washer is always near the entering wet bulb temperature plus 2°F or maximum 3°F.